Do You Have A Strategic, Predictable And Profitable Sales System Working For You? Proven Ways to stop losing sales and earn more profits every year

No one is satisfied with their sales results.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, sales managers—we all wonder why we lose sales and we all know we can do better in the sales department, but we may not really know what’s causing the issues, bleeding our companies, making us worry about our futures.

Every year, you leave untold numbers of sales and profits on the table. Experience shows the true culprit behind bad sales is almost always this: Your company doesn’t have a proven sales system in place to deliver your desired results.

You and Your Sales Team Can Benefit from Sales Training, Accountability and Strategy

How are your sales leads currently being generated?
How are those leads being contacted and qualified?
What enrollment sales process is being used?
Do your sales people understand the overall sales vision
Asking – listening – understanding – guiding – closing
Handling objections in a realistic way
Follow-up systems – how & when
What’s in place for sales reinforcement?
What’s in place to provide other purchase options?

Winging it VS Scripting it

Most salespeople are winging it. They haven’t been given the best tools. They need to know the right things to say and when to say them. Many have no idea what copywriting is or what it can do, and don’t have the experience or training to pen effective advertising. Most aren’t following up with leads, and if they do, it’s generic.

Customers aren’t enjoying it. They can’t tell one company apart from another. What do they see? Cookie cutter everything. Everyone copies everyone else. Every company sounds the same.

That’s why scripting your sales process solves so many sales problems.

Marketing Materials Should Be Super Salespeople

Savvy companies make the wise investment to have professionals create unique marketing materials, including:

  • Sales copy online, on your website
  • Direct mail like sales letters and postcards
  • Email campaigns
  • Phone campaigns and sales scripts
  • Webinar scripting
  • Product launching
  • Customer surveys
  • Referral programs

These super sales instruments can work day and night, selling while you’re sleeping. Your marketing materials follow a proven sales process so you can provide a customer experience that sets you apart from your competitors.

Troy Steine is an award-winning sales and marketing consultant with over 25 year’s experience.

He’s helped clients sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of their products and services. Troy specializes at improving sales and increasing profits for companies with high-margin offerings.

One client jumped from $17 Million to $40 million annually. One doubled monthly sales within three months. One quadrupled sales in two months.

Would you like to know what Troy pinpoints as the top reasons companies lose many sales opportunities?

My Sales System For Premium Profits

With the right marketing materials and sales system, you don’t have to start over from scratch each month. You can escape the pressure cooker of scrambling to get new business every month. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This is the wheel.


This system is unique because it addresses almost all aspects of your business at once. It focuses on the overall picture. Each stage builds on the next, covering the whole sales process, including the customer experience after the sale.

This is how you turn words into profits. Your biggest sales opportunities are within the four cycles of the premium profits system, each naturally flowing into the other.

The Top 9 Strategies For Selling Premium
Products & Services

Strategic Marketing and Selling Insights for Companies Seeking Premium Positioning

As a recognized and award-winning expert in marketing and sales, Troy specializes at improving sales and increasing profits for companies with high margin offerings…those companies who desire their services to provide the best experience possible for their clients.

Troy can offer you an unprecedented menu of client marketing and sales systems to make your business even more successful. With experience in handling all kinds of sales situations, Troy says the following strategic systems will give you the strongest surge in sales...

Premium Strategy #1

Premium Strategy #1

How to find better customers

The worst thing you can do is try to be everything to everybody.

Most companies offer their services to everybody, but companies with premium positioning have the opportunity to be more selective. The fact is, certain customers are more profitable than others and if you want to drastically increase profits, you need to know the best customers for your business.

One of Troy's recent clients sells a premium online marketing service and was promoting their services to anyone who would listen. Troy advised them to pick the niche markets they could help the most. Troy looked over their past clientele as well as their preferred new clients and identified the handful of top markets they accomplished the most for.

Why? Because your best customers are the ones you're getting the best results for, the people you understand the most, and are profiting the highest from doing business with you.

Focus your time on specializing at serving those industries and you will streamline your marketing and sales efforts, increasing profits at the same time.

Premium Strategy #2

Premium Strategy #2

Get new leads from outside the box

Lead generation is a major weak spot for most companies, as they tend to do too little, or may even do too much. Troy looks at his clients' past and current lead generation strategies, researches potential new activities, and strategically audits their websites to discover creative new ways to get leads.

One of his clients, a higher end maintenance service company, was trying to get new clients by using an online coupon incentive program. As you can imagine, that was not bringing in the level of customer they were seeking.

Troy created a targeted direct mail campaign, something the company had never tried before. They sent the sales letter to a very specific type of client and

positioned the company’s services in such a way that would greatly assist that client in providing a higher level of service than their competitors.

The results speak for themselves as this category of client, from the direct mail campaign, is achieving more business on a continual basis than the online incentive program could ever hope to each…and at much higher profits levels.

By creating and implementing campaigns that target your market from multiple positions, you can gain a huge and profitable advantage over your competition.

Premium Strategy #3

Premium Strategy #3

Keep serving the clients you have

Are you so busy looking for new clients that you're forgetting to serve the ones you have? It is shocking how many companies sell a customer and then forget about that person as if they will never buy anything else.

Troy helps his clients to properly understand the ‘lifetime value’ of their clients.

From there, strategizing to sell more to their existing customers by reviewing what has been purchased and coming up with new products and services that could be offered to those customers. An integral part of increasing your business is through increasing the number of times your clients return to you and buy again.

There are many ways to create campaigns that extend the lifetime value of your customer and provide them with ongoing value.

Troy says, "Your goal is to deepen the customer’s bond, relationship, and loyalty to who you are and to your premium products and services.” To get that valued repeat business, you have to show more time and attention to the customers you already have.

Premium Strategy #4

Premium Strategy #4

Reach out to past prospects you failed to convert

One of Troy's clients, a local realtor group, had a database of people who had contacted them in the past. As a result of not gaining immediate business, this group of realtors never kept in touch with them and assumed they had bought or sold from someone else.

Troy created a strategic phone follow-up campaign, along with a short, to-the-point phone script for the team. With that in hand, members of the team called the list of past prospects and followed up with a thank-you email (also crafted by Troy), and got one buyer and one seller as a result.

Can you create your own "restart" sales campaign, reaching out to past prospects who never became clients? Most companies never get to this, they "don't have the time," but you can see that going the extra mile, and strategically creating and implementing these extra steps, can result in more business and profits for you.

Premium Strategy #5

Premium Strategy #5

Do a better job with follow-up

It is estimated that close to 80% of sales are won or lost during the follow-up, yet Troy says, "People just don't follow-up. I don't care what business, industry, or service, people aren't following up the way they should."

If you don't have a system in place to get back in touch with people who contact you, you are leaving business on the table, because follow-up systems are the missing link to increased sales and profits for your business.

One of Troy's clients in Vancouver, a prominent residential new home developer, primarily built multi-family developments and was focused on a new townhome project that was averaging two sales per month.

They were behind schedule in terms of selling out the development and came to Troy in hopes of getting more traffic (site visitors) and of course more sales. They were pouring money into marketing the development and although they were getting some traffic in the door, they weren't converting those prospects into actual sales.

From conducting a strategic review with this client and their sales team, it became obvious they didn't have a marketing problem, they had a follow-up and conversion problem. The constraint was not getting more people in the door, it was getting them back in the door and closing the sale.

The client's follow-up efforts were sporadic, not properly managed, and were negatively affecting their ability to sell homes. Their emails were generic and their follow-up sales messages were inconsistent, not effectively written, nor segmented to target markets—a major hole that was losing sales.

Troy and the developer client agreed to create a sequential email follow-up campaign to get those people back in the door. One of the keys to doing this is to segment the prospects and write the sales messages accordingly. Certain buyers have specific hot buttons and criteria that need to be met before they are excited enough to take action and comfortable enough to buy.

With the implementation of this message to market match campaign, the client was thrilled as qualified visitors to the sales center doubled within six weeks and sales doubled in that same period of time.

Premium Strategy #6

Premium Strategy #6

Create a Sales Coaching and Conversion System

With a background of 25+ years in award-winning, hands-on sales experience, Troy likes to say, “Selling is too important a process to be left simply to improvisation. If you don’t have a proven system for selling, you’re at the mercy of the prospect’s system for buying.”

Troy has identified key areas of sales preparation and performance that can usually be improved, such as positioning, credibility, mindset for achievement, providing premium value to clients, communication and asking skills, listening abilities, relationships and respect in the sales process, time management, and scheduling of priority activities.

Troy recommends an in-depth strategic review of the skills and performance of you and/or your sales staff, with the goal being the discovery of opportunities to improve their persuasion abilities. He has years of experience working with salespeople, providing custom training for expanding their sales skills, and can help identify the areas of selling that need attention and improvement.

What are your staff’s daily activities and routines? How do they prepare for the day? What do they do when working with new projects or prospects? What are their follow-up efforts like, are they covering all the bases? Do they constantly brush up on their communication skills? What questions are they asking prospects? How are their listening skills? These are the things you must know.

Premium Strategy #7

Premium Strategy #7

Asking for referrals

Your best source for new leads is a referral program that turns your existing customers into an army of raving fans that send you new ongoing business. Referral systems reduce the cost of new buyer acquisition by capitalizing on the relationships you already have.

One of Troy's recent clients had a database of 60 different companies they had worked with, but in six years had never asked for even one referral!

Troy created an overall referral program and a one-page sales letter for them, asking for and rewarding referrals. The client got 3 referrals right away and will now send out that sales message four times per year.

Are you actively soliciting ongoing referral business to your company?

You must create a system to promote and generate ongoing referrals to get your existing clients to personally recommend you to other people who have a high probability of becoming clients…and are less resistant to price.

Troy says you want to, "Create an experience so powerful, so memorable, that you and your premium products and services remain at top of mind with your customers, who in turn actively seek out the opportunities to refer others to your business.”

Premium Strategy #8

Premium Strategy #8

Identify new profit centers

Look at your current menu of products and services, then brainstorm what can be added to compliment what you're doing now. Talk with your salespeople and customer service staff for new ideas on what your customers need.

Are there other ‘problems’ you can provide solutions to?

Troy says these "extra" product or service packages are often a missing piece of the marketing puzzle for many companies who need to discover other avenues for potential profits.

The key is to utilize a creative brainstorming process that has the power to uncover hidden diamonds in your business.

Premium Strategy #9

Premium Strategy #9

Adding value to every step of your customer's experience

As you read this, some of your competitors are constantly trying to come up with new ways to take your clients away from you.

It’s vitally important to uncover the most powerful benefits and advantages you can offer your existing and future clients, so it eliminates any thoughts or doubts they may have to do business with you and your company.

Another recent client of Troy’s that sells SEO services to certain industries was having a problem with customer retention. The SEO agency would get their clients to the first page of search engines, then the client would stop paying because they didn't think they needed the service anymore.

Troy worked with his client to effectively demonstrate, on a monthly basis, what value they were bringing to their customers. He had the SEO agency start doing monthly website audits, sending special reports, putting on webinars for growing business, adding value the customers didn't have to pay extra for and couldn’t get elsewhere.

Up until then, the SEO agency had virtually no ongoing communication with customers. Now they are following up once a month in a concierge-like manner, talking to customers, and the customers are sticking around much longer.

And many of those same clients are also sending in new referrals to the SEO provider.

Troy says, “To provide such premium added-value to each client, in addition to the already in place premium products and services, it significantly increases the likelihood that the client will remain an ongoing client. Every step in the process, in the eyes of your customer, either adds value or takes value away.”

What customer service efforts are being done for your valued clients to ensure a long-lasting and rewarding relationship?

What is the Lifetime Value of your typical client?

Your 4 Big Sales Opportunities

For too many companies, these opportunities fall by the wayside as vital tasks go undone. Therefore, your competitors are most likely falling short in these activities too. You, however, can grow your sales and profits by creating marketing materials and sales copy used in the following ways:

#1. Lead Generation & Follow-up

At the push of a button, you collect qualified leads on demand and use stay-in-touch campaigns to convert as many of them into customers as possible. Your salespeople have a consistent source of leads and they know what do with them once they get them. Your lead generation and follow-up can happen online or off, but you guide more prospects towards a buying decision.

#2. Sales & Referrals

Create more interest in and desire for your product and sell with the written word, compelling prospects to take action. Reactivate past prospects. Ask for referrals. Now more of your leads turn into sales and referral business, earning you more profits than ever. A proven sales system puts you in more control and gets your sales department running efficiently on all cylinders.

#3. Repeat Business

Messages after the sale reinforce the buying decision. Enhancing your customer experience leads to higher client retention and more repeat business, taking your profits and margins even higher for even more success.

#4. New Markets, Products, And Services

Perpetual growth is possible because you can serve your current clientele and enter new markets with new products and services. Then the cycle starts over and never ends.

What Clients Say About Working With Troy

Troy Steine

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his ability as a consultant and copywriter to create effective sales campaigns and marketing systems, as well as training and motivating the sales staff and even providing direction in closing the deal when the need is there.”

“Troy is a well-rounded, experienced Sales and Marketing professional. Whether it is creating the vision for marketing collateral, signage or display homes, Troy can effectively see the project through. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his ability as a consultant and copywriter to create effective sales campaigns and marketing systems, as well as training and motivating the sales staff and even providing direction in closing the deal when the need is there.”

Rob Grimm, Principal

Portrait Homes Ltd.
Troy Steine

“Troy has successfully overseen the sale of approximately 160 residential units for us in just 18 months…”

“Troy has successfully overseen the sale of approximately 160 residential units for us (in just 18 months). He achieved our sales targets, saved us marketing dollars and helped manage the process. He has done a great job creating proven sales and marketing systems and we sincerely appreciate his consulting efforts and enjoy working with him.”

Kevin Johnston, CFO

Woodbridge Northwest Communities Ltd.
Troy Steine

“Troy is the most dedicated individual I have known who consistently thinks outside of the box to create innovative campaigns for a project launch and impressive sales performance.”

“Troy Steine, who I have known for 20 years, is a professional with a true talent for marketing and sales, from conception thru strategic implementation. Troy is the most dedicated individual I have known who consistently thinks outside of the box to create innovative campaigns for a project launch and impressive sales performance.”

Matt Stogryn

Project Manager
Troy Steine

“I found Troy to be conscientious, honest and courteous in dealing with sales managers and staff in helping them expand their sales and marketing skills…”

“Troy has worked with us as a consultant over the last 5 months coaching our sales and marketing department to help us grow and accelerate to new levels. I found Troy to be conscientious, honest and courteous in dealing with sales managers and staff in helping them expand their sales and marketing skills. With Troy’s background, extensive knowledge and leadership we believe that we have achieved our goals.”

Fred Formosa, Principal

Falcon Homes
Troy Steine

“Troy’s work ethic and extensive industry knowledge would make him a tremendous asset to your company.”

“It is my sincere pleasure to write to you in recommendation of Troy Steine. His planning and strategic thinking allows him to excel at follow through to ensure even the smallest job gets done. His superb communication and people skills allow him to quickly, and effectively, handle even the most demanding challenges. Troy greatly devotes himself to his clients and any company or project he takes on. Troy’s work ethic and extensive industry knowledge would make him a tremendous asset to your company.”

William Dennill, Principal

Opacity Design Group Ltd.
Troy Steine

“Troy is a consummate team player and approaches every task with the same forthright manner happy to bring his twenty-five years of experience to the table when called upon.”

“From working with Troy over the last ten years in both internal and external consulting roles, I have come to appreciate him as a dedicated and honorable sales and marketing professional. Troy is a consummate team player and approaches every task with the same forthright manner happy to bring his twenty-five years of experience to the table when called upon. He is a good communicator and has a layered understanding of the dynamics of the sales process, the customer experience and what is required to keep the sales team motivated and engaged. He is dedicated, thorough and conscientious and I am pleased to recommend him as a sales and marketing professional consultant.”

Jamie Howard, President and CEO

Woodbridge Properties
Troy Steine

“Troy is the ultimate sales and marketing professional…”

“Troy is the ultimate sales professional – he has internalized the concept of ‘customer experience’ better than anyone I’ve ever met. His focused leadership towards delighting the customer consistently leads to dramatically improved results in sales, marketing metrics and overall customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Troy’s expertise and copywriting prowess to any organization that is looking to surround themselves with outstanding people of character that are results focused.”

Jay Peachey, President

J Peachey Inc.

The #1 Sales Challenge For Businesses

One of the absolute worst things you can do in business is to create your marketing in a vacuum. In fact, one of the biggest reason’s clients hire me is to help them get out of their own head, as you are most likely so close to your own situation, you can't see the forest for the trees.

What I've learned over years and years of working with all kinds of clients is that none of them wanted to create their marketing in a vacuum.

They all needed someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, and show them what to do next, how to best tackle the beast that is sales, and it can just plain be tough to sell your own products.

That's why the most successful business people are not lone wolves but team players.

My challenge is, I don’t know which of my strategies are right for you until I know your situation. They might all be. Or certain ones implemented in a certain order might be the smartest path forward.

Let’s Talk for an Hour

Your one-on-one strategic review session can help us discover how you can sell more premium products and services while creating a customer experience that is second to none.

You’re getting over three decades of experience brought to your business by someone who fully understands the skills of salesmanship-in-print and has sold hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of products for his clients.

On the strategy call we can talk about how we could apply these methods to your business, how you can tap into the strength of using all four parts of the Premium Profit Sales System and get all your questions answered.

However, please realize that only a small number of these strategy sessions are available at any one time, as the majority of my efforts are allocated to the campaigns of my ongoing regular clientele.

Email me at or phone me at 604-992-8240.

If our schedules work, we’ll set a day and time that works for both of us and then I’ll ask you some questions to gather some initial information.

To Your Success,

Troy Steine