For real estate developers who want proven ways to increase their new home sales

After 25 years specializing in helping new home developers increase their profits, seeing how they handle all kinds of sales situations and where they tend to fall short, designing sales strategies and direct marketing campaigns responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in new home sales, Vancouver-based consultant Troy Steine is now sharing...

5 Ways New Home Developers May Dramatically Improve Their Sales

Actions and strategies designed to create big surges in sales and save you money on marketing that isn't working

One of Troy Steine’s clients recently took their overall sales volume from $17 million to $40 million annually. Another client saw monthly sales more than double within 90 days. Another quadrupled their sales in 60 days. How can surges in sales like these be possible in such short amounts of time?

Here are the 5 business pillars most successful developers in the industry know (and do) which you might not know (or do) to market new developments faster, achieve higher sales results and improve profits…

#1—Rebooting your sales system

Discover how to significantly increase sales within 60 days by working smarter, not harder.

By the time they come to Troy, many of his clients’ sales are already slipping or stagnating and they need to re-focus fast. Many are in difficult marketplaces and may not know what the sales staff is doing on-site. Troy’s first step is to have a diagnostic discovery call.

“Two things are always evident,” says Troy, “Developers are almost never doing a proper job with their sales messages or follow-up. Keeping in touch with prospects quite often falls off the rails.”

Developers often don't have a great grasp on the numbers in their sales cycle and don't know where the sticking point is in their sales process. Taking the time for this discovery call helps developers to diagnose sales issues. Problems often go deeper than they originally think.

Troy’s business is rebooting the premium sales systems for new home developers:

  • creating new strategies for prospecting
  • introducing proven direct marketing campaigns
  • following up with prospects
  • making recommendations for increasing the effectiveness and professionalism of sales staff.

Online and offline follow-up efforts are closely examined. And incredibly often, follow-up is not being done at all.

“You have to focus on the customer experience,” says Troy, “and not a lot of developers get this.” For his clients, he writes telephone scripts, sequential email campaigns, and direct mail sales letters, as well as recommendation reports for the sales staff which includes who is doing what and with what results, as well as any changes that need to be made to improve the atmosphere of the sales center and results of the sales force. This kind of wholesale change is why his clients see such dramatic improvements in sales results in as little as six weeks.

Everything improves:

✓ The sales team becomes more cohesive and effective

✓ Communication and information flows increase

✓ Scripted marketing efforts increase traffic, return visits, and closed deals.

#2—Using your best source for more leads

Create an attraction culture of raving fans from both new and existing clients who massively increase annual sales volume.

Your best source for premium leads is a referral program that turns your existing customers into an army of supporters that send you new business, but, “most developers have no concentrated effort here.”

Troy uses online and offline marketing materials, combined with persuasion in print, to nurture and cultivate a developer’s existing customers to send buyers for future developments. Client referral systems reduce the cost of new buyer acquisition by capitalizing on the relationships you already have with happy homeowners.

Done properly, you can pre-sell many of the units in your next development.

#3—Training your sales team

Implement the necessary steps to ramp up sales effectiveness with breakthrough offers and sales systems that can 3x your closing rates.

Troy also recommends that you review the skills and performance of your sales staff and look for opportunities to improve their persuasion abilities. He has years of experience working with salespeople, providing custom training for expanding their sales skills and on-site sales results.

» What are your staff’s daily activities and routines?

»How do they prepare for the day?

»What do they do when working with new projects or prospects?

»What are their follow-up efforts like, are they covering all the bases?

»Do they constantly brush up on their communication skills?

»What questions are they asking prospects?

»How are their listening skills?

These are things you’ll want to discover and improve, and with Troy’s help, you can.

#4—Optimizing the way you follow-up

Consistently and effectively follow-up with both prospects and purchasers at every stage of the project and buying process.

It is estimated that close to 80% of sales are won or lost during the follow-up.

Follow-up systems should emotionally and logically connect with your buyers so they begin to see your development as the perfect fit for their needs. Every project can do a better job of communicating to different target markets, having a system in place that keeps in touch with prospects, written or by phone.

One of Troy's clients in Vancouver primarily built multi-family developments and was focused on a townhome project that was averaging two sales per month.

They were behind schedule in selling out the development and came to Troy in hopes of getting more traffic. They were pouring money into marketing the development and although they were getting traffic in the door, they weren't converting those prospects into sales.

But they didn't have a marketing problem, they had a follow-up and conversion problem. The constraint was not getting more people in the door, it was getting them back in the door and closing the sale.

As is quite often the case, the client's follow-up efforts were sporadic, not properly managed, and was negatively affecting their ability to sell homes. Their emails were generic and their follow-up sales messages were inconsistent, not effectively written, nor segmented to target markets—a major hole that was losing sales.

Troy created a sequential email follow-up campaign to get those people back in the door. One of the keys to doing this is to segment the prospects and write the sales messages accordingly. Certain buyers have specific hot buttons and criteria that need to be met before they are excited enough to take action and comfortable enough to buy.

Generic marketing, including email messages, employ a "spray and pray" strategy that says everything they can think of and hopes for the best. Troy targets specific hot buttons to specific buyers at specific times during the sales process.

Highly targeted follow-up communications speak directly to the prospects on a human level and are more effective than copy and paste emails. These communications are just as inexpensive to send, but get noticeably improved results, and can be strategically put into action on future development sites. For Troy's clients, targeted communications are a better investment that produce a much greater return.

The client was thrilled as qualified visitors to the sales center doubled within six weeks and sales doubled in that same period of time.

#5—Using a marketing strategy of preeminence

Implement a multi-faceted marketing machine that can be dialed up or down at will.

How can you sell your new developments faster, without selling on price, without throwing away money on ads and generic marketing that isn't working?

When the market views your homes as a commodity, everything is harder, including getting prospects in the door, getting them back in the door is even harder, and your negotiations will always be based on price. This erodes your profit margins and the morale of your salespeople. This is where the power of preeminent positioning comes into play. It is the simplest, fastest, most powerful way to accelerate your sales.

One of Troy's clients used this strategy to go from one sale a month to four sales a month within 60 days. Another increased sales 200% in 90 days. Another increased their closing rate by 140% with just a few tweaks. Another increased annual revenues by more than five million dollars using just a few tactics.

Many salespeople don't know how to create a unique way to stand out in prospects' minds. Generic follow-up messages will ensure you blend in with the crowd.

Here are other samples from Troy's track record of what can happen when you focus on follow-up and use a strategy of preeminence:

  • A boutique condominium project in the Burnaby area sold out prior to completing construction at high-end prices per square foot with $5,000,000 in pre-sales achieved.

  • Troy created a single-family presale campaign where the average sale price was over $600,000 resulting in $4,500,000 in sales in 72 hours before the show home was even built.

  • Troy helped single family and multi-family developments in Maple Ridge take annual sales volume from $15 million to over $35 million.

  • A condominium project in Surrey had pre-sales campaign results of 75 sales within a 14-day period, representing close to $20 million in revenue.

  • A townhome and single-family development made about $7,500,000 in pre-sales six months before construction commenced.

What Clients Say About Troy Steine

Troy Steine

“Troy has successfully overseen the sale of approximately 160 residential units for us in just 18 months…”

“Troy has successfully overseen the sale of approximately 160 residential units for us (in just 18
months). He achieved our sales targets, saved us marketing dollars and helped manage the
process. He has done a great job and we sincerely appreciate his consulting efforts and enjoy
working with him.”

Kevin Johnston, CFO

Woodbridge Northwest Communities Ltd.
Troy Steine

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his ability as a consultant to create effective sales campaigns and to train and motivate the sales staff and even close the deal when the need is there.”

“Troy is a well-rounded, experienced Real Estate Sales and Marketing professional. Whether it is creating the vision for marketing collateral, signage or display homes, Troy can effectively see the project through. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his ability as a consultant to create effective sales campaigns and to train and motivate the sales staff and even close the deal when the need is there.”

Rob Grimm, Principal

Portrait Homes Ltd.
Troy Steine

“Troy is the most dedicated individual I have known who consistently thinks outside of the box to create innovative campaigns for a project launch and impressive sales performance.”

“Troy Steine, who I have known for 20 years, is a professional with a true talent for project
marketing, from conception thru strategic implementation. Troy is the most dedicated individual I
have known who consistently thinks outside of the box to create innovative campaigns for a project launch and impressive sales performance.”

Matt Stogryn

New Home Developer
Troy Steine

“I found Troy to be conscientious, honest and courteous in dealing with sales managers and staff in helping them expand their sales and marketing skills…”

“Troy has worked with Falcon Homes as a consultant over the last 5 months coaching our sales and marketing department to help us grow and accelerate to new levels. I found Troy to be
conscientious, honest and courteous in dealing with sales managers and staff in helping them
expand their sales and marketing skills. With Troy’s background, extensive knowledge and
leadership we believe that we have achieved our goals.”

Fred Formosa, Principal

Falcon Homes
Troy Steine

“Troy’s work ethic and extensive industry knowledge would make him a tremendous asset to your company.”

“It is my sincere pleasure to write to you in recommendation of Troy Steine. His planning and
strategic thinking allows him to excel at follow through to ensure even the smallest job gets done. His superb communication/copywriting and people skills allow him to quickly, and effectively, handle even the most demanding challenges. Troy greatly devotes himself to his clients and any company or project he takes on. Troy’s work ethic and extensive industry knowledge would make him a tremendous asset to your company.”

William Dennill, Principal

Opacity Design Group Ltd.
Troy Steine

“Troy is a consummate team player and approaches every task with the same forthright manner happy to bring his twenty-five years of experience to the table when called upon.”

“From working with Troy over the last ten years in both internal and external consulting roles, I have come to appreciate him as a dedicated and honorable sales and marketing professional. Troy is a consummate team player and approaches every task with the same forthright manner happy to bring his twenty-five years of experience to the table when called upon. He is a good communicator and has a layered understanding of the dynamics of the sales floor and what is required to keep the sales team motivated and engaged. He is dedicated, thorough and conscientious and I am pleased to recommend him as a sales and marketing professional consultant, and as proven talent with the written word.”

Jamie Howard, President and CEO

Woodbridge Properties Ltd.
Troy Steine

“Troy is the ultimate sales professional…”

“Troy is the ultimate sales professional – he has internalized the concept of ‘customer experience’ better than anyone I have ever met. His focused leadership towards delighting the customer consistently leads to dramatically improved results in sales, marketing metrics and overall customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Troy’s expertise to any organization that is looking to surround themselves with outstanding people of character that are results focused and extremely good at what they do.”

Jay Peachey, President

J Peachey Inc.

Reserve Your Strategy Session With Troy Steine

The size of your investment in consulting with Troy Steine will pale in comparison to the profits you will make on the sale of just one additional new home. Troy can offer you an unprecedented menu of direct marketing, copywriting, and sales follow-up systems you can put to work immediately to make your business and your real estate projects more successful.

Your strategy session will be catered to your needs, but these are some of the recommended areas where you and Troy can focus on the call:

  • Discussion of the vision for the development company and how it’s being represented and promoted to the public
  • Reviewing and critiquing of marketing materials
  • Reviewing and sharpening the focus and results of your sales campaigns
  • Training your sales staff to become the best in the industry and increasing their skills at closing more deals
  • Finding the best markets for your projects
  • Coming up with direct marketing strategies and copywriting campaigns to sell your unsold and future properties – including a strategic review of lead generation efforts
  • Developing a consistent and proven follow-up program
  • Implementing a powerful referral program for your company moving forward
  • Reviewing and improving your overall customer service program

If you invest in your company and your people by booking a consulting session with Troy Steine, you will dramatically improve your profits and business. You’ll sell more homes, you'll provide an experience to your new home buyers that is second to none, and this package will pay for itself in spades.

You’re getting almost three decades of experience brought to your enterprise by someone who has had an award-winning sales career, handled all the aspects of a developer’s business, and sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of new homes.

You can use your session anytime in the next year, but buy one today and you'll immediately get a copy of an exclusive special report that will tell you...

The 4 Phases of Project Sales

A developer's checklist of strategies and actions used to sell a real estate project successfully, including ideas for positioning, targeting, naming, campaigning, and copywriting, plus tips for market research, logos, taglines, ads, and more.

See How To Get Your Project Into The Public Eye

See how to get into the public eye and start creating lists of interested parties so you can gather names of motivated potential purchasers and plan unique communications for each group, using your website, print ads, word of mouth, voicemail, emails, events, and more, plus the 8 most effective components of real estate marketing messages.

What You Need To Know About Launching Your Projects

Covers almost everything involved in a market launch, including the preparation of your sales center, the official public opening event, time management systems, and ongoing project marketing strategies.

Case Study: How To Get More Site Visits And More Sales

Strategies for generating higher interest in your projects, more site visits, and increased sales absorption. Troy's email marketing framework that segments prospects into five categories. How to tune your sales message according to where your prospect is positioned in terms of their buying decision based on the four levels of commitment.

Selling New Home Developments - Systems and Strategies

How to reach incredible levels of success with the philosophy of having the right mental attitude, keeping a positive focus, and placing the highest value on creating an exceptional customer experience. Tips on mental preparedness and immunity to criticism.

The Biggest Mistake Most Sales People Make?

Most salespeople are not very knowledgeable about the product they're selling and yours may be among them if they think they're selling bedrooms and bathrooms. What's really being sold? Some areas of knowledge most important for your salespeople to have, plus the value of the builder's story and what to include in it.

What Key Tasks Should Your Sales Team Do Everyday?

The more thorough your performance system, the more sales you will make and the more sales you will keep. Troy's recommendations for daily activities for your salespeople, including five high-producing activities that will get them the biggest return on their time.

The 5 Types Of Buyers and How To Work With Each

The priorities of five kinds of buyers in search for a home and how to uniquely handle each one.

Kill The Competition With One Sheet Of Paper

Three suggestions for "how" you show display homes based upon a variety of factors. Plus neutralize competition by creating a marketing handout called a "Shop and Compare Sheet" that brings attention to unique features, furnishings, and finishing.

Best Practices When Asking For The Sale

Tips, pointers, suggestions, and questions to ask to help your prospect make the right buying decision for their situation.

Answering Questions The Right Way

Ideas, rules, and practices for providing the right answers in the right ways so you can move your prospects toward a sale.

Case Study: Double Traffic, Double Sales

The story of how a new marketing system increased traffic 200% from qualified visitors and doubled sales volume.

Get, Keep, And Track The Details You Need To Make The Sale

How to keep track of all your visitors, the most important details you'll want to get from them, and Troy's recommended system for getting that information.

What's Essential To Sales But Almost Always Done Poorly?

Laying the foundation for professional, expected follow-up, one of the rarest attributes in new home sales today, is essential to sales success. Troy’s suggested methods for promotional follow-up. Plus, a step-by-step list of what to include when creating effective email sales messages.

The Secrets To Earning Repeat Business From Customers

How to use standards for service to become significantly better in a way that matters to your ideal clients and differentiate your firm from the many others that don't take the customer experience into consideration. Lay the foundation for repeat business using five areas or timeframes where you can make your efforts stand out the most. A list of activities sales staff should focus on prior to any public opening.

A Referral Program for Today's Real Estate Developer - Including A Pre-Done Sales Letter To Promote The Program!

Troy's proven homeowner referral program to encourage your current and future owners to refer new buyers to you and guidance on how your sales team should speak about and promote the program to your clients.

The only way you can get Troy's special report is to book your strategy session today. You can use your session anytime in the next year, but you'll get your copy of this special report sent to your email inbox immediately.

A Special Offer for a Strategy Call with Troy Steine

You and Troy will spend one hour together going over how to make your sales process a better experience for your customers so you can earn a higher profit margin and stop competing on price.

Together you will take a deep dive into your business. You can strategically go through your brand, what you’re building, what your marketing efforts and collaterals look like, how your sales staff are producing for you, including their sales and follow-up efforts, what type of experience your clients are having, and how you can get better results in all those areas.

While strategy calls are normally $500 each, if you get one right now you will only pay $250. There is no way for me to value these sessions except to say they have resulted in great results for my clients.

Price: $250

Limits: One per customer

Unconditional Guarantee: You'll thoroughly enjoy our session and you'll be brimming with new ideas you can actually implement, and you'll feel this was the best $250 you ever spent or let me know and I'll refund you on the spot.

Instructions After Payment: Email me at when you are ready to schedule our call. We will set a day and time that works for both of us and then I’ll ask you some questions to gather some initial information. You can schedule your session up to one year after purchase.

Troy Steine

Backed by Troy’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.