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My name is Troy Steine and I come from a background of 25+ years in the sales and marketing of premium products, programs and services, helping clients sell hundreds of millions of dollars of their offers and products, as well as training other sales professionals and entrepreneurial service providers to do the same.

Selling can be a challenging, sometimes a frightening task for many service providers, especially if you use the traditional old school approach of selling and closing prospects.

Understand the power of these 3 Secrets and change how you approach and connect with your prospects over the phone.

  • Remove the challenge 
  • Take away the feeling of dread 
  • Learn why the traditional old school approach of selling and closing simply isn't working any more.

Discovering the power of these secrets allows you to approach each of your prospect discussions with the mindset of serving and advising.

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I firmly believe so many people need this information

- they need this real approach in talking with prospects

instead of the ongoing constant sell-sell-sell environment which is everywhere today.

“Troy has been wonderful. With his years of sales experience and very thoughtful approach to providing advice and suggestions, I’ve been really happy with how he’s helped shape my sales process.
Troy helped to instill a sense of confidence when I was first starting out and really unsure of myself. He’s helped me to view the sales process not as something icky or distasteful, but rather a chance to build a relationship and help people - which is ultimately what I want to be doing with my products and services.
Troy also had a very calm, relaxed demeanor that is an absolute gift. He slows things down - helps you take a breath or two and feel a lot more relaxed - and in today’s online business world this is something we all need more of!”
S. Hennig

Are You Ready to Transform into a Trusted Advisor to give Your Prospects the Concierge Experience . . .

Clients begin to go forward so much easier because they aren't actually being closed.

Instead, you're comfortably leading them to the right solution ‘for them’,

and that solution might be to enroll to start working with you…

or it might not be…

but it's a comfortable decision, it's the right decision for them, and it's the right decision for you.

Helping… instead of selling.

Learn the 3 Secrets to Changing Your Behaviour when it comes to Selling and Closing Prospects.


Selling Focused Mindset–Why You Must Have the Right Mindset for Sales


Belief in your products / services and in your pricing – How You Become a Trusted Advisor over a 'salesperson'


Detaching yourself from the outcomes –What it’s like Selling Without the Fear and Uncertainty

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“If you're reading this because you have a chance to work with Troy Steine, then lucky you! I worked with Troy at the beginning of my business and I refer just about anyone I can to him: he changed my sales process significantly!
Troy helped me create and implement a sales framework that allowed me to be 100% myself while converting clients. No gross, smarmy, hype-y sales conversations... It's fantastic!
Plus, Troy is genuinely one of my favorite people. Do yourself a favor and make the investment in working closely with Troy – both you and your business will never be the same!”
K. Jacobson

“From working with Troy over the last ten years in both internal and external consulting roles, I have come to appreciate him as a dedicated and honorable sales and marketing professional. Troy has a layered understanding of the dynamics of the sales process and the customer experience and I am pleased to recommend him.”
J Howard

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