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  • The Truth About Price: Why it’s almost never the reason anyone buys anything, and what the top reasons really are
  • A plethora of ways your business can use quality, service, and delivery to distinguish your products and services among a crowd of competitors
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Turn Your Competitor Into A Commodity
With The Only 3 Ways To Sell At Higher Prices

You may think everyone is buying on price, but companies like Starbucks and Mercedes wouldn’t exist if that were true. Research shows there are three reasons people use to justify not picking the cheapest vendor. In The High Ticket Trinity you’ll find out how you can use quality, service, and delivery to create the ultimate competitive advantage...


What is quality?

Everyone says they have a quality product, but how do you define quality?

And if you can’t define it, how do you know you have it?

Quality is the right stuff for the right person.

Among price, quality, service, and delivery—quality is universally important to every prospective buyer.

What are the ways quality can be improved?

In The High Tickety Trinity, you’ll hear...

  • 14 ways to instantly improve the quality of your products and services
  • 8 ways to make price less relevant to your customers
  • Why a higher price creates a more receptive, responsive atmosphere in which you can sell your product. See how to use price as a credibility statement and take advantage of the fact that people believe “you get what you pay for”

Price isn’t as relevant when you can showcase in a number of ways how your brand is different, such as your service, your people, your order turnaround, and the experience you provide to each and every customer.


Why is service such an important strategy?

Domino’s made billions by charging for pizza but selling service. They didn’t promise the best pizza or the cheapest pizza. They promised to deliver the pizza within half an hour.

You know you need to provide good customer service, but how can you use service to create an exceptional experience for your customer?

Why is service more important today than ever before?

Here’s what you’ll discover in The High Ticket Trinity interview…

  • How CarMax uses service to differentiate their brand in a very old category: selling used cars. Discover how to use services to stand out from your competition
  • Why your sales team plays the most critical role in creating exceptional service
  • Nordstrom’s world-renowned customer service training that can fit on the back of a business card

Providing an exceptional experience to your customers enables you to not only stand out in the marketplace but also empowers your sales team to guide clients through a proven buying process. If you don’t have a proven system for buyers to experience and make a decision, you’ll be at the mercy of the buyer’s own method of buying.


To sell at a higher price, you must have competitive delivery.

An empowered delivery system allows your business to compete consistently long term. But what exactly is delivery?

Delivery is your ability to put your product in your customer’s hands when and where it’s needed

Here’s what else you’ll hear in The High Ticket Trinity

  • Why your competition’s delivery problems will get your business
  • 9 things your buyers need and wish you understood. Take advantage of these ideas and your brand will excel no matter how crowded the marketplace becomes
  • 9 ways to make buying from you an easy choice for shoppers

This part of the interview is truly powerful and showcases the reality that, by delivering the right stuff at the right place at the right time, combined with exceptional service, sales can be achieved and you can empower your company to retain customers. You don’t want to miss this and won’t hear about it anywhere else.

Get your free copy of “The High Tickety Trinity,” a $40 value, as an mp3 recording plus notes in PDF format sent to your email inbox immediately, just click on the button/fill in the form below: