Timely Message for Consultants, Coaches, Copywriters and Online Service Providers…

Discover A Proven Way to Confidently Sell Your Services-Programs-Courses

Using the Phone & Online Meetings

Selling can be a challenging, sometimes a frightening task for many service providers, especially if you use the traditional old school approach of selling and closing prospects.

Rather than approaching each call with the mindset of needing to close the person you're speaking with, instead, become a trusted advisor.

Once you put this in place, everything changes and you can approach each prospect discussion with the mindset of serving and advising.

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As a professional service provider, you provide great value to your clients.

Whatever business services you offer and for who - you're very good at doing what it is that you do.

The challenge at times, can be how to transform those prospects that raise their hand to speak with you into enjoyable long-term paying clients.


My name is Troy Steine

and I come from a background of 25+ years in the sales and marketing of premium products, programs and services, helping clients sell hundreds of millions of dollars of their offers and products, as well as training other sales professionals and entrepreneurial service providers to do the same.

My Mission is to be the solution – the proven resource - for those who need real-life help to increase their sales skills and results.

I've heard 'over and over' again that the thought of speaking with a potential client over the phone is very unnerving for many people... because of what they've seen – because of what they’ve heard - and unfortunately been told about how sales should happen, which is full of untruths in my humble opinion.

The thought of people being told they always have to close and close and 'convince' people to buy is unbearable to me, when I can show them a new path.

A proven path about how to use a selling framework as a trusted advisor and provide their prospects / future clients with a concierge-type experience, while at the same being yourself in the process… instead of the other way where you’re told to take on some other persona when you get on a phone call with someone.

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This is why I firmly believe so many people need this information

- they need this real approach in talking with prospects

instead of the ongoing constant sell-sell-sell environment which is everywhere today.

What I offer will work in every sales environment, but my passions exist in helping the following groups of people:

  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Copywriters &
  • Online entrepreneurs

who really want to authentically make a difference through selling their own programs and courses.

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“Troy has been wonderful. With his years of sales experience and very thoughtful approach to providing advice and suggestions, I’ve been really happy with how he’s helped shape my sales process.
Troy helped to instill a sense of confidence when I was first starting out and really unsure of myself. He’s helped me to view the sales process not as something icky or distasteful, but rather a chance to build a relationship and help people - which is ultimately what I want to be doing with my products and services.
Troy also had a very calm, relaxed demeanor that is an absolute gift. He slows things down - helps you take a breath or two and feel a lot more relaxed - and in today’s online business world this is something we all need more of!”
S. Hennig

Do you have a great offer to deliver, but you struggle with the right words and the framework for your sales calls?

Selling can be a challenging,

sometimes frightening task for many service providers,

especially if you use those out-dated old school approaches of selling and closing prospects.

selling on the phone

Do you know you deliver great results, but you struggle with following up and nurturing your prospective clients?

talking to prospects

Nobody likes to be sold. Instead, your perspective clients want to be heard and understood.

Rather than approaching each call with the mindset of needing to close the person you're speaking with, everything changes when you become a trusted advisor.

Now, I know that's easier said than done.

When you adopt the mindset that you'll be on a prospect call to ask questions, to listen, while also providing true value to that prospective client about what's being offered… everything changes.

You want to provide each of your prospects with an experience, a concierge type discussion that provides real value to them. Yes, you want to generate new clients of course, but you also want the type of clients that you enjoy working with and allow you to be yourself in the process.

And make no mistake; this is hard focused work… creating a sales system that results in new clients on a consistent basis… and it requires a real commitment from you towards wanting to be different in the marketplace.

But once that’s done, everything changes and you can approach each prospect discussion with the mindset of serving and advising. It's amazing what happens with this shift.

Clients begin to go forward so much easier because they aren't actually being closed. Instead, you're comfortably leading them to the right solution ‘for them’, and that solution might be to enroll to start working with you… or it might not be… but it's a comfortable decision, it's the right decision for them, and it's the right decision for you.
Helping… instead of selling.

That makes your sales call not a typical sales call.

It makes it a comfortable phone discussion, and you enjoy sales because it isn't that traditional old school selling model.

It's an enjoyable, helpful conversation that leads to a comfortable decision.

You'll guide prospects to proceed only if they're the right fit and they're truly interested and sincere while, at the same time, detaching yourself from the outcome.


Do you see how different that feels from everything else you've read, seen or heard out in the marketplace?

“From working with Troy over the last ten years in both internal and external consulting roles, I have come to appreciate him as a dedicated and honorable sales and marketing professional. Troy has a layered understanding of the dynamics of the sales process and the customer experience and I am pleased to recommend him.”
J Howard

Today, I'm offering you the chance to learn about a proven framework for selling:

Strategic Selling System
  • One that creates no more difficult decisions
  • No more pressure sales
  • Definitely no more taking on clients that you shouldn't be working within the first place
  • Allows you to learn within private 1 to 1 coaching sessions…just you and I.

“Troy Steine has a way of selling that doesn't feel like selling at all. And that's what's so unusual and great about his process. He radiates a no-pressure helpfulness in his follow-ups that I personally find irresistible. And every time I listen to Troy, I pick up some new, incredibly valuable tip that I believe would help anyone who sells anything. If you want to learn how to sell without turning off your prospects, and by making them feel truly respected, then Troy is your guy.”
B. Mueller


Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside My Private Coaching Workshop:

This program consists of two private one-to-one strategy calls, plus you'll receive a detailed document from me before each of our calls, which covers the roadmap of what we'll be talking about within the world of sales and how it can help you.

Strategic Selling System

Here's an overview…

Before our first private strategy call in week one, you'll receive two documents from me.

The First Document will be all about the selling framework, which is really going to give you an introduction to sales.

It's going to talk about the importance of your mindset.

It's going to talk about describing what you offer, those features and benefits, understanding your frequently asked questions, and we're going to discuss in-depth that advisory sales framework.

The Second Document is going to give you details about what to say and how to say it. In our discussion together, it's going to go into an overview of sales. We're going to talk about challenges, struggles, the fears you may be facing and what you go through when you speak with prospects.

We're going to have a detailed look together at what you're selling, what you're offering, your services, your programs, your products, as well as your current system for how you’re finding your prospects.
What is your current sales process?
What's your strategy that you're using?

Strategy Call 1

All of this plays a role as we talk about the advisory sales framework, that mindset around it in terms of how to structure your call, so you overcome that fear of a discussion, that confusion.

And we're going to take a deep dive into really helping you create and have at the ready, your features, your benefits of what it is you're selling, as well as what are the potential frequently asked questions that your prospects will ask of you, as well as the answers for those questions.

We'll talk about pre-framing your call and presenting the options for your prospects to go forward with you and asking for the business. Then we'll have a look at specific areas in terms of what to say in your calls and how to say it. That will be all discovered in our first discussion together.

Strategy Call 2

You’ll discover how to communicate and sell in a way that you just may have not been exposed to before…
a way that works.

In week three, we'll have our second private one-to-one strategy call. Prior to going into that, you'll receive another document from me which goes into the world of follow-up systems, because that’s so very important to your business going forward.

Inside that call, we're going to review and talk about any questions that have come up for you from our first discussion. We're going to review the sales framework again. We're going to talk about the flow of those calls, your features, benefits, frequently asked questions and answers and how to properly frame those calls going forward. We're going to do a full review of that.

As well, we're going to dive deep into how to create and use your own follow-up systems. We're going to look at what you're currently doing. I'm going to give you some specific and powerful recommendations and steps for your own follow-up efforts, so you engage your prospects more, you nurture them more, so they become your clients.

In that discussion, we're going to spend some time talking about referral campaigns for your business, re-engagement campaigns for your business. We're going to look at what you're currently doing. And again, I'm also going to give you some recommendations.

I'll also present the details of the ongoing 30-day email support that you'll get after our second call - as that's a part of this program as well.

I know the importance of those next 30 days after we’ve finished speaking together because you're going to have things that come up from the experience of speaking with your prospects.

You're going to have questions. You're going to be looking for guidance and direction, and in that 30 days I’m going to be there for you - to communicate over email – I’ll be there, to help you and to support you and guide you even more.

I trust this is helpful for you and gives you insights as to how in depth this program really is.

In addition, as we go through this powerful sales framework together in our 1 to 1 private discussions, we’ll also be immersing ourselves in these Key Sales Essentials:

Key Sales Essentials Framework


Mindset – one of the most important things you can do is to have a focused – positive mindset allowing to go into each of your conversations with the intent to serve – to guide – instead of having to sell.


Belief in your products / services and in your pricing – being fully committed to what you’re speaking with potential clients about and knowing you provide great value and great service.


Understanding ‘who’ your customers are – having the detailed vision of who you want to help and why.


Knowing the struggles – challenges -and questions being faced by your customers – knowing who they are and the questions /fears they go through… what’s ‘keeping them up at night.’


Having a framework to follow in each of your sales calls – having a proven framework for each of your discussions – pre-framing the call while discovering and guiding your prospective clients.


The power of Asking and Listening – asking questions that have a purpose and truly listening and understanding their responses.


Understanding the importance of nurturing your prospects and having a consistent system to do that – realizing that most sales happen after a dedicated effort of follow-up and providing constant guidance to qualified prospects.


Detaching yourself from the outcomes – an extremely powerful shift in your sales mindset that – once mastered – allows you to achieve even higher, more positive results in each of your discussions.

As this program is very one-to-one in nature - because you and I will be speaking together on the phone- and we'll be communicating together via email -
I need to say there’s only one of me - And that means I can't work with everyone…

“Troy practices and teaches the most elegant and authentic type of salesmanship you'll encounter. Troy is kind, genuinely helpful, and never pushy. He embodies a perfectly balanced mix of ask-for-the-sale without ever showing any hint of the common "icky sales factor."

Working with Troy has been immensely helpful. He's very perceptive; he's great at pulling out the root cause of issues in the sales process and coming up with creative ways to solve those issues so you can increase sales. He's taught me how to carefully listen to the potential client so I can genuinely serve them in the best way possible while also allowing myself to be compensated fairly.

I've also learned from Troy that when you're selling a good product or service there's never any reason to be intimidated by the sales process because the sales process is about serving your clients not just selling them something. When you understand that concept - that you're providing a helpful service, not just selling them something, the dynamic of the conversation changes. This is a big mindset shift.
The other very important lesson I've taken away from my coaching with Troy is letting people go; follow up a reasonable amount, but never chase because there will be other opportunities that will be a better match.
Troy is an absolute delight to work with. A true master! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
A Helmstadter

I’m very particular about who I work with in this program.


This has been my life work getting to this point and taking all of my experiences and putting it into a selling framework and a real teaching program for you - one that can finally get you the results you want as you build your own business.

I truly only want to work with those people that are going to be collaborative, that are open to taking suggestions, and those that are going to take action coming out of this to get their own results.

If that sounds like you… if you think this is a good fit… I encourage you to join me while I have openings.

“If you're reading this because you have a chance to work with Troy Steine, then lucky you! I worked with Troy at the beginning of my business and I refer just about anyone I can to him: he changed my sales process significantly!
Troy helped me create and implement a sales framework that allowed me to be 100% myself while converting clients. No gross, smarmy, hype-y sales conversations... It's fantastic!
Plus, Troy is genuinely one of my favorite people. Do yourself a favor and make the investment in working closely with Troy – both you and your business will never be the same!”
K. Jacobson

In Summary – here’s what you’ll receive -

A private 1 to 1 coaching experience – you and I together.

A proven selling framework – positioning you as the trusted advisor for your clients

A roadmap for what to say & how to say it with your prospects.

A follow-up system that works.

Plus 30-days email support after our last call – for feedback on your sales efforts, your follow-up campaigns and your overall sales strategy.

In Summary – here’s what you’ll receive -

A private 1 to 1 coaching experience – you and I together.

A proven selling framework – positioning you as the trusted advisor for your clients

A roadmap for what to say & how to say it with your prospects.

A follow-up system that works.

Plus 30-days email support after our last call – for feedback on your sales efforts, your follow-up campaigns and your overall sales strategy.

In Summary – here’s what you’ll receive -

A private 1 to 1 coaching experience – you and I together.

A proven selling framework – positioning you as the trusted advisor for your clients

A roadmap for what to say & how to say it with your prospects.

A follow-up system that works.

Plus 30-days email support after our last call – for feedback on your sales efforts, your follow-up campaigns and your overall sales strategy.

“Troy is the ultimate sales professional – he has internalized the concept of ‘customer experience’ better than anyone I’ve ever met. His focused leadership towards delighting the customer consistently leads to dramatically improved results in sales, marketing metrics and overall customer satisfaction.”
J. Peachey

Enroll Now . . .

Strategic Selling System

This program, with everything I’ve described, has a one-time enrollment fee of $997.00

Strategic Selling System Program

One Time Enrollment fee $997

If this type of program and 1 to 1 coaching sounds exciting to you, combined with the ongoing value both you and your business can receive, please click on the following link to receive more details.

It will allow us to communicate further, answer any questions you may have about the program, and then decide if you would like to move forward.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Troy Steine


As I mentioned, because of the close collaboration inside this 1 to 1 coaching program, it truly has limited availability. So, if this is really of interest to you, and you finally want to take control of your own sales process – as a trusted advisor – I encourage you to take the next step and get in touch.

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