The Top 5 Sales Management Mistakes

These are the most common reasons your business may be losing sales, costing you untold sums of profits month after month, and severely limiting the results your sales people can achieve

● Plus, 5 effective solutions to almost all your top sales challenges so your team can turn more leads into loyal customers

● And why you can now have all the benefits of hiring an award-winning sales manager for less than the costs of a part-time employee

Are you faced with one or more of the following problems in your business?

Recently, a client was very concerned about losing traction in their marketplace. The efforts and results from their sales team had become stagnant in a market that didn’t allow much room for error.

They didn’t have a clear grasp of the process and numbers inside their sales cycle, there was poor communication, and it was becoming more and more clear that the sales and follow-up efforts weren’t being done properly

Sales were suffering and so was the experience for the clients and prospects.

If you think any of these pieces of the sales puzzle are being neglected in your business, you’re missing out on well-deserved profits:

➢ Not having a proven process – online and offline – for consistently generating qualified leads.

Missing this means that you have to start over each day, week, and month to create interest in your products and services from prospects that are qualified to buy.

➢ Prospects not being properly looked after or followed up with.

After all of the time and money spent in finding prospects and having them raise their hand to speak with you, you don’t want them to decide to go elsewhere, or make no decision at all.

➢ Lacking a true sales system – a consistent process that brings real sales results.

If your sales people are left to try and create sales on their own, quite often the odds are stacked against them from not having specific sales steps to follow.

➢ Not providing each of your customers with an industry-leading experience.

If you don’t have a well-designed customer system in place, ensuring that your company’s products and services stay top of mind within your prospects and customers, you’ll lose more sales than you keep.

5 Effective Solutions
For Almost All Your Sales Challenges


When the following solutions were introduced to the client I described, and they took action to implement them the right way, they benefited from a more cohesive sales team, a better sales process and a much better experience for every one of their clients.

It didn’t happen overnight, but their sales skills improved and with better follow-up put in place, actual sales increased with better margins for the company!

⇒ Solution #1 - Creating An Effective Process of Selling for Your Sales Teams.

One thing I have discovered for myself and for other highly-successful salespeople is that the more prepared you are with a sales process system that has been thoroughly thought-out and implemented, the more sales you will make, and the more sales you will keep.

Over my many years of selling in a variety of market conditions—good, excellent, and challenging—I can tell you that one focus, once I understood it, has never wavered. That is having the right mental attitude, the right positive focus, learning about the product and the market, and placing a very high value on creating an exceptional customer experience. That will carry you to incredible levels of success in sales, both professionally and personally.

A performance sales system means that you know the sales numbers that you want your team to achieve each month. The salespeople focus on priorities and the best use of their time. The salespeople are prepared to present on a daily basis to new prospects. Your sales team has a very strong self-belief and an immunity to criticism.

⇒ Solution #2 - Reviewing and Improving Your Lead Generation Activities.

You need to review what you’re currently doing for lead generation, online, offline, or both. Analyze what’s working and what can be improved.

Then ask, what can be introduced to bring you an ongoing, steady flow of new, qualified prospects?

 Here, we'll have a chance to review what you and your business are currently doing, whether it be some in online, some in offline, or both. We will identify, we will analyze what is working, what can be improved, and also, what can be introduced to bring you an ongoing, steady flow of new, qualified prospects.

⇒ Solution #3 - Implementing a System a Sales Accountability.

This is very important and one of the key factors that I bring to the table for my clients, from my many years of sales management and following up with sales teams to make sure they're doing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis what needs to be done to generate a steady flow of new and repeat sales for your business.

This accountability can take place in many forms, via email, via phone, via online meetings, sometimes in person. A system is put in place so that communication is effective, and we can identify what needs to be done with each salesperson in order to improve their performance.

⇒ Solution #4 - Coaching of Salespeople and Targeted Sales Training.

This flows right out of the area of sales accountability. From discussions on a regular basis with your sales team, we can identify what areas that they require assistance and training within.

Sometimes, from my experience, a coaching process with salespeople will involve as much, if not more, around their mindset and their preparedness to do the job than it does of any other area. Mindset will be focused on.

Creating their skills, in terms of communication, their asking skills, their listening skills, as well as specific areas pertaining to your business that they need to know, in terms of communicating the features and the benefits of what your business provides to clients.

This will be set up on a consistent, regular communication schedule, in order so we can ensure your salespeople are always at the top of their game.

⇒ Solution #5 - Reviewing and Improving the Customer Experience Systems.

Being able to provide an experience for each of your clients is one of the most important factors for the ongoing growth of your business.

Keeping that at top of mind for everyone in your company, especially for your sales staff, is vitally important to not only working with new clients, but creating a surge in repeat orders from past clients.

From creating an exceptional customer experience, you can generate an ongoing, profitable referral campaign, where your existing clients become your biggest fans and refer their associates to your business.

The experience of the customer is of top priority to me. It's something which can be emphasized in the communication and the training with each and every one of your salespeople.

How To Get The Benefits Of Having An Award-Winning Sales Manager For Less Than The Costs Of A Part-Time Employee


My name is Troy Steine. My sales and management efforts over the last 25 years have helped clients sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services.

My experience allows me to present a sales management service that excels at helping sales teams perform better.

You can benefit in these areas from my virtual sales management services, receiving high-level performance on a part-time virtual basis.

Before I tell you how we can arrange to meet by phone, where we can collaborate and see if this kind of virtual sales management is right for your business and for mine, let me share with you what some of my clients have said about working with me…

What Clients Say About Troy Steine

Troy Steine

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his ability as a consultant to create effective sales campaigns and to train and motivate the sales staff and even close the deal when the need is there.”

“Troy is a well-rounded, experienced Real Estate Sales and Marketing professional. Whether it is creating the vision for marketing collateral, signage or display homes, Troy can effectively see the project through. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his ability as a consultant to create effective sales campaigns and to train and motivate the sales staff and even close the deal when the need is there.”

Rob Grimm, Principal

Portrait Homes Ltd.
Troy Steine

“I found Troy to be conscientious, honest and courteous in dealing with sales managers and staff in helping them expand their sales and marketing skills…”

“Troy has worked with Falcon Homes as a consultant over the last 5 months coaching our sales and marketing department to help us grow and accelerate to new levels. I found Troy to be
conscientious, honest and courteous in dealing with sales managers and staff in helping them
expand their sales and marketing skills. With Troy’s background, extensive knowledge and
leadership we believe that we have achieved our goals.”

Fred Formosa, Principal

Falcon Homes
Troy Steine

“Troy is a consummate team player and approaches every task with the same forthright manner happy to bring his twenty-five years of experience to the table when called upon.”

“From working with Troy over the last ten years in both internal and external consulting roles, I have come to appreciate him as a dedicated and honorable sales and marketing professional. Troy is a consummate team player and approaches every task with the same forthright manner happy to bring his twenty-five years of experience to the table when called upon. He is a good communicator and has a layered understanding of the dynamics of the sales floor and what is required to keep the sales team motivated and engaged. He is dedicated, thorough and conscientious and I am pleased to recommend him as a sales and marketing professional consultant, and as proven talent with the written word.”

Jamie Howard, President and CEO

Woodbridge Properties Ltd.

The People, The Skills, The Process, The Results.

One of the absolute worst things you can do in business is to go into the market without the proper selling systems in place, and without the processes that can train and improve your salespeople and the results they can achieve.

In fact, one of the biggest reason’s clients hire me is to help them get out of their own head, as you're most likely so close to your own situation that you can't see the forest for the trees.

What I've learned, over years and years of working with all kinds of clients, all kinds of salespeople, is that none of them really wanted to create their own sales systems in a vacuum. They've all needed someone to bounce ideas off of, to ask questions, and to show them what to do next, including how to best manage the important world of sales, of sales follow-up, and the customer experience.

That's why the most successful businesses and the people that work there are not lone wolves, but team players.

For me, at this point in our discussion, my challenge is, I don't know which of my virtual sales management strategies and services are right for you until I know your situation a little better.

They might all be, or certain ones implemented in a certain order might be the smartest path forward for you, for your salespeople, and for your business.

Now, while you would have to invest thousands of dollars to get me as your long-term consultant, here's a special opportunity to get me on your team for the price of a downloadable course.

A Special Offer for a Strategy Call with Troy Steine

Your one-on-one strategy session with me is guaranteed to help you discover how to improve your sales systems, the focus and skills of your sales people, and how to create a customer experience that is second to none.

You'll be getting over three decades of experience brought to your enterprise by someone who has had an award-winning sales and marketing career and has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products for his clients.

On the call, we can talk about how to apply these sales management methods to your business, and how you can tap into the power of these five key areas, and get all of your questions answered.

You will spend one hour with me going over how to make your sales process a better experience for both your sales team and for your customers.

While strategy calls are normally $500 each, if you get one right now you will only pay $250.

There is no way for me to value these sessions except to say they have resulted in great results for my clients.

Price: $250

Limits: One per customer.

Unconditional Guarantee: You’ll thoroughly enjoy our session and you’ll be brimming with new understandings and ideas you can actually implement, and you’ll feel this was the best $250 you ever spent or let me know and I’ll refund you on the spot.

Instructions After Payment:

Email me at when you are ready to schedule our call. We will set a day and time that works for both of us and then I’ll ask you some questions to gather some initial information. You can schedule your session up to one year after purchase.

Backed by Troy’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.